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Acid, the Enemy of the Quick—An Excerpt from The Quick and the Dead

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200 years in the past, Swedish scientist Jöns Berzelius found lactic acid in the
muscle tissues of an exhausted stag that had simply been hunted down.

Jöns Jacob Berzelius
Jöns Jacob Berzelius

Acid is the enemy of each pressure
and rest, drawing one into the stiff no-man’s land in between. It muffles
the mind’s instructions to the muscle tissues, inhibits all three vitality techniques, and
interferes with contraction and rest—learn: strength and velocity—in lots of

As your velocity goes down, you might be
shifting to the proper on the fast–lifeless continuum.

Dedik, Kyokushin karate champion and achieved coach, is an enemy of metcons
for fighters: “I typically see prescriptions like 50 or 100 burpees in a single or two
sets. Go forward, do it, however you’ll undoubtedly lose velocity.”

suggests evaluating the velocity exhibited throughout tournaments in full contact types,
like his personal, and noncontact ones. “Point fighters keep away from important acidosis
in training, as they comprehend it ruins velocity. And velocity is their end-all…Compare
the velocity of their champions and ours. Any questions?”

velocity and strength take a dive in acid, however energy suffers the most. In fatigued
muscle tissues, velocity and strength lower by the same share. This compounds
the energy drop-off, since energy is an offspring of each. For occasion, if the
pressure and the velocity every go down by 20 %, the energy will tank by 40
%. Feel free so as to add an exclamation mark.

Correlation between lactate concentration and power
Correlation between lactate focus in the working muscle tissues and the energy output.

your bursts of effort are too lengthy or in case your rests are too transient—as in HIIT or
metcons—energy goes down. Way down. For occasion, by the finish of an all-out
30-second bicycle dash, energy drops by as much as 50 %.

that: In simply half a minute, acid cuts your energy in half.

longer capable of contract shortly and powerfully, fatigued muscle tissues compensate
with longer and weaker contractions. This messes up motion coordination. It
might imply failing to catch dinner—or changing into dinner your self. Even if you happen to
have prevented such a destiny, you might be studying slowness and poor kind for the subsequent

to at all times pushing by way of a sticky mud of muscle congestion, an athlete
develops a specific motion stereotype. His allegedly explosive actions
are something however—as exemplified by burpees in metcon gyms. Sensei Dedik has
seen it time and once more: Fighters who abuse metcons lose velocity and sharpness in
their strikes. Instead of training to be fast, they’re training to be

if you happen to survived your HIIT session at the moment, you would possibly grow to be dinner tomorrow or
the day after, drained of vitality and crippled by soreness.

coaches knew what they have been speaking about: Lactic acid makes you sore. Today’s
consensus is it’s the fault of the microtrauma brought on by eccentric contractions.
Without questioning the latter, I insist that the former is simply as responsible.

an experiment. Leaf by way of your training log and discover some less-than-brilliant
exercise that made you very sore. Say, you probably did as many pushups as you would,
rested for a minute, did it once more, and then a 3rd time. Recall how your
shoulders and triceps felt for days.

match the quantity of pushups, utilizing the similar approach—however unfold them
all through the day into sets of 5 reps accomplished each 15 minutes.

a pair of days of feeling nice, you’ll by no means roll your eyes at an
old-timer with a whistle and a stopwatch telling you that lactic acid makes you

The acid doesn’t actually burn
holes by way of your muscle tissues—nevertheless it triggers varied processes that do.

your muscle tissues are tiny bubbles, lysosomes,
containing enzymes that dismantle and dispose of the elements which are
broken or not wanted. Lysosomes function solely in an acidic
atmosphere. When acidity is average, they do what they’re presupposed to do,
and even assist muscle tissues develop. But when the “burn” is out of management, lysosomes go
on a harmful rampage that you just really feel a day or two after.

some lactic acid is required to advertise muscle hypertrophy by way of a number of
mechanisms which are exterior the scope of Q&D, its extra is harmful.
Russians did a research to judge the anabolic and catabolic results of
differing kinds of exercises and masses. Among these examined was a typical HIIT
exercise, 3×60 seconds on a veloergometer with two-minute rests. It was the most
catabolic of all sorts of exercise; the anabolic part was not reached even on
day 4.

put issues into perspective, one other one of the examined masses was 10 sets of 20
frog jumps. This was additionally very catabolic—however lower than the one earlier than, in spite
of the extreme eccentric loading! And the anabolic part lastly did kick in
after two or three days. These outcomes are much more hanging as soon as we be taught
that the topics have been speedskaters—athletes accustomed to metcons, however to not
eccentric loading.

Leave metcons, exhaustion,
stiffness, and soreness to prey. Stay contemporary to hunt one other day.

Photo courtesy of Peter Park.

Peter Park, strength and
conditioning coach of JJ Muno (deadlifting above) Giancarlo Stanton, Lance
Armstrong, Justin Verlander, Ken Roczen, Diana Taurasi, and different high-level

“I train the whole spectrum of the inhabitants, ranging from
skilled baseball and soccer gamers, motocross riders, cyclists,
triathletes, golfers to high-end CEOs and highschool athletes. I’ve not
solely seen unimaginable “what the hell” outcomes with Pavel’s Quick and the Dead,
everybody I work with studies higher vitality, nice restoration, and improved body
composition. In this e book, Pavel reveals a minimalist program that can profit
any human.”

Pavel Tsatsouline


Pavel Tsatsouline is the Chairman of StrongFirst, Inc.

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