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Heal and Prevent Hand Rips

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To a sure diploma, ripping your hands is inevitable. If you’re swinging round on bars doing 100 pull-ups or toes-to-bar and then throwing a kettlebell round, what do you anticipate?


Sometimes they hit you out of the blue. You look down at your palms after a exercise and discover an enormous blood blister has shaped. Other instances, you may really feel one approaching—it begins with some shifting pores and skin that crinkles a bit, and should you preserve going, the pores and skin tears proper off leaving you with a gaping rip.



Either approach, the questions turn out to be: “What do I do now?”


Pop the blister or let it resolve of its own volition? Cut the dangling pores and skin out of your hand? Keep the rip moist or let it dry out?


To Pop or Not to Pop?

When I used to be in gymnastics, my coach’s recommendation, which I adopted on numerous events, was to get a needle and thread and poke a gap in a single facet of my blister and string it via to the opposite facet. Then I’d go to mattress with thread via two holes on both facet of my blister.


The thought with this was that it allowed the blister to dry out a bit so I might get again on the bars the subsequent day with much less ache. It positive beats hopping onto the bar and having the blister pop and rip the subsequent day. Not solely would this get blood on the bars, however it might make for a way more painful bar session. (Not doing bars due to a blister or rip was remarkable for a younger gymnast.)


So, should you completely want to the touch the bar, kettlebells, or a barbell the subsequent day, this may be the way in which to go.


But should you’re not a hardcore gymnast and you may keep away from heavy gripping actions for the subsequent day or so, then it may be higher to let the blister be. It will dry out by itself and when it rips as soon as it is dry, it’s significantly much less painful than when a recent blister pops and rips.


To Trim or Not to Trim?

If the pores and skin is dangling, and should you plan on persevering with to exercise together with your palms that day or the next day, use some scissors and lower the unfastened pores and skin as near your hand as you may. If you allow even a small piece dangling, you run the danger of it pulling again even additional and turning into an excellent deeper, extra painful rip.


After you chop the dangling pores and skin, use some sandpaper or a pumice stone to softly clean the perimeters so that you don’t go away pores and skin protruding greater than the rip. This will cease the pores and skin from pulling again even additional as mentioned above.


Wet or Dry?

The purpose: You need it not too moist, not too dry, however good.



If it’s too moist since you gave it a great dose of Polysporin, generally the wound will stay extra moist, uncooked, and extra painful than it must be.


On the opposite hand, if it’s too dry, then you definitely run the danger of cracking your pores and skin and forming an excellent deeper rip inside your unique rip.


Thus, one of the simplest ways is to place some kind of ointment on it instantly. I like Ript Skin Systems’ Quick Fix. They additionally promote a pumice stone that’s helpful for conserving your calluses skinny and pliable. Keep it on in a single day however don’t cowl the rip. It’ll be simply sufficient to maintain it the correct quantity of moisture within the rip.


If you cowl it at evening, it’ll be far more tender within the morning than should you go away it to air out. Then you may reassess within the morning. If the rip appears to be like and feels actually dry while you get up, put a bit extra product on it and go away or not it’s. If it doesn’t look insanely dry, then preserve it as is and go away it uncovered.


Rip Prevention

If you’re doing 150 chest-to-bar pull-ups, you’re most likely going to tear. But, most of the time you don’t need to rip, and you are able to do numerous issues to assist preserve these rips from taking place within the first place.


  1. Keep the Calluses Thin: That’s what fantastic grain sandpaper or pumice stone is for. When you’re feeling your calluses getting thick, particularly those on the base of your fingers, sand them down a bit.
  2. The Right Amount of Moisture: Same for moisture. You don’t need your palms too dry, but in addition not too moist, so pay attention to the state of your pores and skin. Make positive you all the time wash your palms after you might have chalk on them—not doing so results in dry pores and skin. On the flipside, in case your palms are naturally oily, contemplate avoiding that moisturizer earlier than mattress. However, in the event that they’re typically dry, moisturize away.
  3. Use Tape: Taping your palms is a superb preventative measure earlier than any hand-based exercise—or you should buy a pair of gymnastics grips, however I discover tape works simply as effectively. Check out this article I wrote about methods to tape your palms for prevention.


Tape Grip Collage


Do What Makes Sense

Keep your palms healthy and keep away from as many rips as doable. When unavoidable, observe the steps to heal them up shortly so you will get back on those kettlebells and barbells.


Any extra questions, come chat with us!

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