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Hip Exercises for Runners to Prevent ITBS and Knee Pain

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Every 12 months, I obtain a variety of questions on recovering from IT Band Syndrome and I perceive why…it sucks!

There is the second if you first assume you’ll be able to run by way of it as a result of hey generally running is uncomfortable, then the ultimate second the place you notice you’ve made a horrible mistake. While it will possibly really feel like restoration isn’t ending, I’m hear to let you know it’s completely doable to 100% get better from IT Band Syndrome.

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My preliminary damage knocked me out for months, then I spent years with off and on ache. As quickly as I dedicated to strengthening my hips that cycle stopped!
hip strength exercises

Learn from my errors and get these hips sturdy with PRE-HAB earlier than you ever want RE-HAB.

Nearly, each runner with knee, hip or IT Band points receives information from the Physical Therapist that they want to strengthen their hips.

The picture under exhibits how the hip misalignment due to weak point may cause issues all the way in which down your leg and leads to IT Band Syndrome or runner’s knee.

  • the leg rotates in creating strain on the knee
  • rotation pulls muscle mass tighter
  • your gate modifications putting new strain on muscle mass and joints
  • muscle mass are shortened, to allow them to’t operate properly

hip rotation

Our hips get out of alignment for all types of causes, however the commonest are going to be sitting all day, running with poor kind and properly not doing the strength work I’m speaking about under!

How to Tell if Your Hips are Out of Alignment

Hip rotation is a typical prevalence and many resolve it by going to the chiropractor, which I typically suggest to athletes I coach.

However, this is only one a part of the components, to make sure that you don’t want to return weekly for changes, it’s necessary to additionally carry out exercises that strengthen the muscle mass round our pelvis and proceed each day hip stretches.

Before heading in, do a fast verify at dwelling to see in the event you would possibly want some fixing. Compare your left and proper aspect:

  • Is it tougher to stability on one aspect?
  • Is one aspect is weaker, extra painful, tighter, or stiffer?
  • If any of that is true, your pelvis could also be rotated.

Another take a look at is to lie in your again on the ground, carry your knees to your chest, and then slowly stretch them straight on the ground or in opposition to a wall. Ask a running buddy to see if one leg is longer than then the opposite {I can typically inform this alone with legs up the wall}.

They can do that by holding a brush stick or different rod throughout your ft, then throughout your hipbones while you’re nonetheless laying face up and then face down. Most typically, the suitable hipbone seems to be greater than the left one, if the pelvis is rotated.
Hip Alignment Test you can do at home and how to correct any imbalanceImage source

Hip Exercises for Better Alignment

After being assessed or seen by a chiropractor, listed here are just a few at dwelling exercises to assist proceed creating hip strength to stop pelvic rotation. These must be executed along side the hip stretches!!

As all the time I’m not a physician and it is best to seek the advice of one earlier than beginning any routine, however have discovered these to be useful myself.

Isometric Holds
Lie in your again with each legs on the bottom, bend your proper leg and pull in to your chest.
Place palms round your thigh, creating mild resistance, push away along with your leg for 10 seconds.
Place your palms in entrance of your knee, creating mild resistance, and push your leg in the direction of your chest for 10 seconds.

90/90 Hip Rotation
Lie on the bottom with knees bent at 90 levels and a block or pillow in-between.
Begin to drop your knees to the suitable, protecting each shoulders on the bottom. If your shoulder comes up you may have gone too far.
Return to middle and rotate to the left.

Leg rotation Leg Lifts
There are two exercises right here which can be utilized to proceed engaged on hip strength
Lay in your abdomen with arms down by your aspect
Bend proper knee to 90 levels
Slowly rotate the decrease portion of the leg out to the left, protecting the leg on the bottom
Return to middle and rotate proper

The second exercise is completed laying in your aspect.
Lift the highest leg and concurrently rotate the knee in the direction of the ceiling
As you decrease rotate the knee down (protecting the leg absolutely straight)

Scorpion Stretch
Lay in your abdomen with arms stretched out to kind a T.
Begin to left your left leg within the air and rotate it throughout the mid-line of your body, touching the bottom on the suitable aspect of your body.
Come again to resting and repeat on the other aspect
— This can be great for the low again, however go sluggish to start.

If you want a visible of the exercises, here’s a fast video demonstration, in addition to movies for the opposite advisable strikes linked under.

What Else Will Help Resolve ITB?

Hip rotation will not be the one reason behind IT Band or Knee ache, weak hips and glutes are equally to blame.

The secret is to discover just a few strikes, you’ll commit to doing constantly and make them one’s you can actually really feel.

For instance, on of my favourite strikes shared right here How I almost overnight resolved my knee pain works for me as a result of the very first time I did it I may really feel my glute activating in methods no different transfer had. Try out just a few of the totally different strikes in these posts to discover stretches that really feel good or strikes which might be HARD sufficient.

Hip Extension and Mobility for Runners
The lunge matrix utilized by many PT’s for IT Band restoration
Exercises for Runner’s Knee recovery
3 Dimensional Exercises for hip flexors {wanted for those that sit all day}
Strengthen your glutes {typically underactive in IT Band victims due to quad dominance}

What’s your favourite (least) manner to strengthen hips?

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