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Strength Training Periodization: Everything You Need to Know

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Strength training periodization is the easy concept that your strength work ought to evolve over time. Sounds simple, proper?

Strength Training Periodization

Recently after we mentioned periodization training for runners, we discovered the definition of this exercise science time period:

Periodization is outlined as the method of planning training in oder to produce excessive ranges of efficiency at designated instances.

This definition is from USA Track and Field, the governing body for the game of Track & Field and street racing.

And it really works for strength training periodization, too.

Just like our running, our strength training should evolve and progress over time to assist us attain a peak efficiency (usually throughout our aim race on the finish of a season).

But many runners solely take into consideration periodization when it comes to running. That means their training often…

  • Gets extra complicated from the start to the top of the season
  • Workouts get progressively tougher
  • Mileage builds over time

Periodization training is smart when it comes to running. Most of us intuitively perceive {that a} training plan progresses over time by altering the mileage, depth of workouts, and restoration.

But what about for our weightlifting? How ought to our days within the health club change from the start of the season to the top?

In this publish, I’m going to spotlight how strength training periodization ought to work over the course of a season.

And all of it begins by considering long-term.

Strength Training Periodization: Long Term

New runners shouldn’t head to the observe on their first day of running to carry out a blistering set of 400-meter repetitions.

And this rule applies to weightlifting, too: in case you’ve by no means finished a lot strength work, let’s not start by training the clear and jerk…

If you’re new to strength training, periodization is a vital idea to apply to your lifting workouts. I’ve discovered that it’s splendid to start your journey to the weight room by turning into proficient at body weight strength exercises first.

You may start with the Gauntlet Plank Workout:

Soon, you may add routines that incorporate exercise bands or drugs balls. The ITB Rehab Routine is an effective instance:

I think about the ITB Rehab Routine to be a elementary collection of exercises that each runner ought to carry out recurrently.

If you need extra issue, a medicine ball workout is an effective subsequent step:

Once you’re comfy with body weight exercises and lightweight resistance, you’re prepared to get within the health club for extra substantial weightlifting.

The remainder of this text will focus on short-term strength training periodization within the weight room – from the start of a season to the top of a season.

Pre-Season / Base Phase

The first part of any periodized strength training program for runners should give attention to three vital abilities:

  • General strength
  • Injury resilience
  • Habit formation / consistency

General strength is a primary potential to carry weights. It’s a elementary proficiency with strength training actions with out specializing in very heavy weight, explosivity, general issue, or complicated exercises (a power clean is an instance of a posh motion that shouldn’t be present within the base part of training).

Injury resilience locations significance on one among lifting’s greatest advantages to runners: damage prevention. Weightlifting will increase the toughness of your connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, bones, muscle tissue, and joints. Now is the time to construct that capability.

Habit formation helps you construct the constant behavior of going to the health club recurrently. Runners don’t want to be health club rats, however we definitely want to get comfy lifting weights a number of instances per week.

Inconsistent strength training can enhance your danger of damage so we would like to keep away from that!

Much like base training in your running program, the pre-season part of a periodized strength program accomplishes most of the similar objectives like building a basis for the tougher work that can come later within the season.

Competition Phase (Middle of Season)

After a give attention to basic strength and damage prevention within the base part, strength training periodization calls for that you simply transition to extra race-specific weightlifting. The objectives evolve to focus extra on

  • velocity
  • general athleticism
  • fast-twitch responsiveness (i.e., neuromuscular coordination)

This part of strength training prioritizes explosivity and teaches your nervous system how to create drive shortly. We accomplish this by lifting extra shortly, including weight, and introducing explosive lifts.

Soon you’ll be higher in a position to entry these deep neurons and quick twitch fibers wanted for mid-race surges and a blazing quick ending kick.

Explosive lifting has a facet advantage of additionally bettering the coordination of each your gradual and quick twitch fibers whilst you’re running.

You’re now turning into extra economical, bettering your running kind and making the usage of form cues simpler.

The finish end result? You run extra effectively with an elevated capability for high finish velocity (i.e., you may dash quicker!).

Peaking / Taper Phase

Strength training periodization builds to this level: the part of training that prepares you to carry out.

The remaining part of training on the finish of your season prioritizes:

  • Power and drive manufacturing
  • Running financial system / effectivity
  • Strategic relaxation so that you’re prepared to race

Strength training will now embody extra Olympic lifts and plyometrics to aid you make the most of the saved elastic vitality and reactive forces of your muscle tissue and tendons.

Your complete workload within the health club will peak (and reduce) so that you’re robust and rested in your upcoming race. The peaking part of training will even preserve your Central Nervous System tuned up, primed for velocity, and prepared to ship a brand new Personal Best.

Strength training periodization ends with this part and the aim race. After a time period to give attention to relaxation and restoration, the method repeats itself.

Strength Training Periodization Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re planning your personal strength training program, these periodization rules will aid you design a really efficient plan for the season.

The commonest three errors that it’s best to completely not make your self embody:

  1. Never altering the exercises or weight over time. Doing the identical factor time and again is the definition of madness!
  2. Lifting an excessive amount of weight with not sufficient restoration too early within the season (preserve issues simple throughout base training!)
  3. Lifting for endurance slightly than strength and energy

That final level is so vital that I recorded a brief presentation to discover it in additional element:

More usually, listed below are another guidelines to have in mind when lifting weights:

  1. Lifting is meant to assist your running. Strength traininng ought to assist your running, not detract from it. If your running workouts are compromised by weightlifting, scale back the depth so you may keep your running (in any case, you’re a runner, not a weightlifter)
  2. Skip the bicep curls – and most different body-builder-oriented exercises like tricep extensions or calf raises. Focus on actions, not muscle tissue.
  3. Lift on laborious running days. Many runners schedule laborious strength workouts on relaxation days or after a simple run, which flip simple days into reasonable or laborious days. Instead, carry after your future or quicker exercise to stimulate further diversifications.

For extra errors and rules to observe, get our free strength course.

How You’ll Feel with Periodized Strength Training

Runners aren’t all the time comfy getting within the health club to carry weights. We’re afraid of “bulking up” or displaying off our bizarre shorts (if I can put on board shorts to the gym, so are you able to).

But in case you commit, the outcomes will converse for themselves.

I’ve asked a bunch of runners from the Strength Running neighborhood to share how they really feel after incorporating a periodized weightlifting program. This is what they informed me:

“I don’t just feel better; I feel transformed – like a brand new runner. I’ve never run like this – with strength and without aches and pains. I’m excited to run and discover what improvements I can make.” – Rebecca

“6-minute PR in today’s half marathon. Strength training is the secret sauce!” – Michele

“Wanted to say thanks. I can feel myself getting stronger as I progress. My wife is actually a Doctor of Physical Therapy and she is in agreement that the routine has been correctly structured and the strength exercises are optimal for my current level of post injury fitness.” – Drew

“Jason, I’m checking in about my experience with strength training. I just completed 6 weeks of it and I PR’d by 9 seconds (20:03) in my 5k yesterday. I’ve noticed minimal aches and pains and I definitely seem to recover faster. I’m thrilled with what I am seeing so far. It’s really helping me become both a better athlete and runner. Thanks so much for this awesome program!” – Allison

Runners who give attention to periodized strength training that helps their running, prioritizes energy and strength, and is particular to the wants of runners will reap the rewards.

They’ll have nice damage resilience, improved running financial system, and a quicker ending kick. They’ll really feel higher, run extra powerfully, and (that is essentially the most enjoyable) publish quicker end instances.

If you’d like to see how strength training can assist your running, start today.

You’ll get our greatest recommendation on:

  • Strength training periodization
  • Example exercises to do your self
  • More errors to keep away from so that you keep on observe
  • Case research and examples of different runners
  • What you may anticipate by lifting weights

I’ll additionally ship you a personal presentation about lifting for velocity. Get it here!

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