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Zero to Hero: How to Make That Strict Pull-Up

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Teach me a pull-up. Teach me a pull-up!


A standard request from many keen scholars—and their bubbles are instantly popped once I clarify I can’t simply train them a pull-up. That getting a pull-up would possibly require months and months of hard work earlier than there’s even a distant likelihood they’ll get their chin over the bar.



But like something worthwhile in life, once you actually have to work onerous for one thing, you’ll recognize it, much more, once you get it. Or as I like to say, nothing worthwhile is ever free.


Even when individuals perceive and settle for that getting a pull-up is a whole lot of work, I typically see them placing within the improper form of work.


Here’s what I imply: For months throughout strict pulling work sessions at my gymnasium, a consumer of mine who was allegedly devoted to enhancing her pull-up would hit the bar and log just a few of what I name faux strict pull-ups, the place she’d jerk herself from the underside to acquire some momentum, after which pull her knees to her chest to pull her chin shut to, however not fairly all the way in which, over the bar.


For weeks on finish, I attempted to get her to select a hoop row possibility as an alternative to build some more foundational strength, however she refused.


I simply need to work on precise strict pull-ups, she would urge.


Well, you’re not likely doing a strict pull-up in any respect, I’d reply.


She continued to ignore me. Until someday, one other lady who had been dedicated to ring rows and seated rope pulls for 12 months, hopped on the bar and tried a pull-up. The end result: A flawless strict pull-up!


My cussed consumer witnessed the opposite lady’s pull-up and her brows furrowed curiously.


Maybe there was one thing to this, in spite of everything.



She then approached me in a brand new mild. She was prepared to take a step again, prepared to put within the time, and construct pulling strength with intention. And inside 4 months, she might lastly do an actual, strict pull-up.


Here are the strict pulling exercises with two warm-up actions I gave her to get her engaged on activating her lats and on her strict pulling, each within the vertical and horizontal planes.


Getting the Strict Pull-Up: Warm-Up

Prone Snow Angels: This is an effective way to warm-up your lats and shoulders earlier than an enormous pulling session. Add 10 of them—10 seconds per rep—to your warm-up.



Band Pull Aparts: Though not all that horny, band pull aparts are an efficient means to log a whole lot of pulling reps and construct some muscular endurance and even strength within the course of. They’re additionally nice for shoulder joint health.


Try the beneath band pull aside routine in your warm-up.



Getting the Strict Pull-Up: Ring Rows

If you’re at a difficult angle, ring rows will be as tough as pull-ups. The secret is to hold an ideal hole body place all through the motion. Try including a tempo (two seconds to pull and two seconds to maintain your chest to the rings) to make it even tougher.


Complete 3-5 sets of 6-10 reps.



Getting the Strict Pull-Up: 3-Position Negative

Holding your chin over the bar and utilizing negatives are all the time an effective way to construct strength. I like this 3-position damaging, the place you maintain your chin over the bar for a chosen period of time earlier than decreasing your self till your arms are at a 90-degree angle, after which lastly slowly decreasing the remainder of the way in which earlier than holding an energetic, useless grasp place.


Complete 5 reps of those 3-position negatives, the place you maintain for 10 seconds in every place.



Getting the Strict Pull-Up: Box Pull-Up

Box pull-ups are an efficient means to get you pulling vertically, which is able to translate effectively right into a pull-up. All you want is a heavy rack, a barbell, and a field.


Complete 5 sets of 3 to 5 reps.



Getting the Strict Pull-Up: Seated Rope Pulls

Keep these tremendous strict and managed (each up and down). I discover inserting my toes on a field helps guarantee I don’t use my hips for momentum.


Complete 3 to 5 sets of 3 reps.



Getting the Strict Pull-Up: Accessory Work

For your post-workout pulling accent work, log 3 to 5 sets of 15-20 reps of lat pulldowns, or for an additional problem, hole body lat pulldowns.


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